Wi-Fi is the name of a popular wireless networking technology that uses radio waves to provide wireless high-speed Internet and Network connections. A common misconception is that the term Wi-Fi is short for "wireless fidelity," however this is not the case. Wi-Fi is simply a trademarked term meaning IEEE 802.11x.

Campus Wi-Fi

The challenges of WLAN deployment increase significantly for most educational institutions when they have tight budgets and busy IT staffs for making the transition from wired to wireless. The Gloriosa InfoTel Wireless Campus Solution Gloriosa InfoTel Wireless Controller operating in conjunction with Wireless Access Points enables pervasive indoor and outdoor wireless coverage and gives flexible, expandable, controllable and manageable Secure Access Services for the entire campus. It allows all types of authenticated users to connect to campus network or internet resources at chosen times and places. Gloriosa InfoTel solution creates a variety of teaching opportunities in a dynamic Any Time, Any Place Learning environment.

Figure 1: Wi-Fi Campus A dynamic learning environment

The Gloriosa InfoTel Capabilities

  1. Support schools existing authentication server(s)
  2. Create a campus-wide single access portal for the school
  3. Seamless integration of wired and wireless networks with complete indoor and outdoor APs into a central management platform

  4. Figure 2: Centralized AP management for single building


  5. Indoor wireless equipment for easy indoor wireless links setup
  6. Implementing Wireless VLANs by enabling Service Zone for providing differentiated services policies and supports over users, locations, applications (voice, video and data)
  7. Get controls over P2P and bandwidth-busting behaviour
  8. Wireless security and wireless firewall
  9. Enhanced VPN security for Windows-based clients with zero configuration on both local and remote clients access over VPN tunnel
  10. Roaming over distributed campuses with central account and policy managemen
  11. Flexible, scalable and cost-effective to meet schools budget plan for a quick startup.

The Gloriosa InfoTel Advantages

- All Outdoor and Indoor APs are centrally manageable by Wireless management Gateway Router, allowing the network administrator to gain full control over the entire network infrastructure.
- Bandwidth Management server fully-hardened kernel provides multiple configurable operation modes to fulfill the needs of connectivity, stability, flexibility and scalability, bringing the highest service capacity per unit and the smallest footprint for physical network setup in the field.
- All Gloriosa InfoTel's outdoor AP devices follow industrial standards 802.11-WiFi technologies with the highest industrial-grade IP68 weather-proof outdoor chassis, and can withstand dust, rain, power surge, extreme temperatures, and vibrations for prolonged life-time in rugged environment. And, most indoor AP devices follow industrial-grade IP50 in metal chassis that is dust resistant for longer rugged environmental endurance.
- Shorten deployment time with easy-to-install/configure/maintain devices and well pre-integrated management platform.
- Efficient bandwidth delivery on each link where bandwidth management guaranties the performance and quality of services (QoS) to support voice/video/data converge applications.
- The Gloriosa InfoTel solution for Campus-WiFi Security supports all 802.11 Wi-Fi standards-based security protections over wireless links by WEP, WPA, WPA2, 802.1X and 802.11i, and TKIP/CCMP/AES encryption over WDS links.
- With embedded Bandwidth management Server Zone Firewall and Wireless Firewall, it can filter out unauthorized traffics and un-wanted accessing attempts for a clean cyber space.

Gloriosa InfoTel brings the most cost-effective, easy-to-deploy Internet access control solution for hotels and resorts with its RB750 Series. The handset feature is to add Internet access charges to the room bill through billing integration with hotel PMS (Property Management System) such as Opera/Firebox. Not only can the RB750 Controller manage and bill both wireless and in-room wired Internet services for properties that have adopted modern IP network infrastructure, but they work for those who only utilize traditional phone lines coupled with DSLAM and DSL modem equipments to deliver Internet to each room.

With a single account, a hotel guest can log on the Internet in room through a wired Ethernet port or enjoy wireless access throughout the hotel property. Gloriosa InfoTel solution also enables the guest to choose the billing option that best fits his/her need. That said, the guest can surf the Internet at every corner of the hotel! At the time of check-out, the guest will receive a single bill with all charges incorporated including Internet services.

To the WISP/ISP operator who provisions hotspot services in hotels for revenue-sharing with the hotel, the operator normally uses external RADIUS server to authenticate hotspot users in hotels. The Controller os installed in each hotel by the operator can also work with the backend existing RADIUS server for central authenticating and billing? The user using the same account ID and password to access internet when visiting different hotel which is also called ?account-roaming? service.

Public Internet Access has grown in recent years, leading to many opportunities and challenges for Wireless Internet Service Providers (WISPs). This demand for high-speed internet access can be met by providing a faster, easier and more cost-efficient solution to reach high growth markets such as SMBs, SOHO and residential communities. With Gloriosa InfoTel WISP Solution, MDU/MTU tenants who have common interests and respective needs can offer different bundled services for different user groups. Hotspot/Hotzone operators can also manage secure unauthorized access and generate on-demand accounts to charge for Internet Services.

The advantages of Gloriosa InfoTel solution include: low cost of deployment, complete control over wired/wireless networks beyond last-mile, and easy expansion of network infrastructure as requirements change. Gloriosa InfoTel Secure WLAN Controllers and Access Points allow WISPs to utilize advanced wireless equipments operating in the license-exempt spectrum (especially the 2.4 and 5 GHz bands) to deliver last-mile broadband access.

Gloriosa InfoTel WISP Solution Capabilities & Advantages

- Reliable Networking and Centralized AP Management
- Wireless Backhaul Deployment
- Last-Mile Wireless Bandwidth Deliverys
- Indoor/Outdoor Wi-Fi Deployment
- Easy & Smooth Integration with WISP Providers
- Low Entry Cost, Fast ROI & Flexible Expansion for new Markets

MDU/MTU : Taking Management to a Whole New Level

Internet traffic and Managed Network Services to residential communities (a.k.a. MDU, Multiple Dwelling Units) or offices (a.k.a. MTU, Multiple Tenant Units) can be distributed by deploying Wireless LAN (WLAN). Gloriosa InfoTel WISP solution enables a strong, dependable network infrastructure that allows network provisioning services for different scenarios. Outdoor Access Points can be deployed as AP Base Station, delivering last-mile bandwidth to one building with one CPE equipment, and manage multiple units by providing multi-levels of chargeable managed services with a Secure WLAN Controller.

MDU/MTU : Hotspot/Hotzone

Gloriosa InfoTel?s solution also brings WISPs a one-stop-shop business model - to facilitate hotspots and hot zones with a suite of Internet access and management services - to set up a managed, branded and moneymaking solution. For operator who is cooperating with Hotspot/Hotzone for revenue-sharing of providing and maintaining Internet services, Gloriosa InfoTel RB750 Controller installed in each venue provides easy integration with local WISP/ISP operator?s backend RADIUS server for central authentication and billing? The subscriber carries the same account ID and password which is purchased from Hotspot/Hotzone service desk or directly purchased on-line and accesses internet when visiting different hotel chains through ?account-roaming? service.

As Internet usage continues to become more mobile, customers have an increasing expectation for wireless Internet access at public locations, such as in coffee shops, restaurants, hotel lobbies, convention centres or airport terminals.

Whether you are thinking of running a hotspot for free or for a fee, you will need a hotspot management system to maintain quality of service for your customers, eliminate free-riders, and keep your network secure. Gloriosa InfoTel has developed an all-in-one hotspot solution to instantly turn your venue into a managed, branded and moneymaking hotspot.

The Gloriosa InfoTel Capabilities & Advantages

* Easy Account Generation and Ticket Printing
* Complete Network Security
* Seamless Secure Mobility
* Flexible Billing Plans
* Hotspot Branding
* Zero Configuration for Visitors
* Role-based Access Control and Traffic Management
* Monitoring and Reporting

The Gloriosa InfoTel Hotspot Networks / Small-size Hotspot Network

For hotspot operators who are looking for secure, manageable, and high-speed wireless Internet access, with minimal maintenance costs and administration effort, Gloriosa InfoTel provides an ideal solution by integrating "secure access control", "visitor account provisioning", "high-speed secure wireless connection", and most important of all, "easy installation and operation" into one box.

Medium to Larger-scale Hotspot Network

For hotspot operators who are seeking to build wireless networks with high scalability, flexibility, and manageability while maintaining full control of network users and access points from a single secured interface, Gloriosa InfoTel provides strong and reliable security controls that handle authentication and Internet access without compromising ease-of-use and a seamless wireless experience. Gloriosa InfoTel?s solution also provides a unique Service Zone function by partitioning a physical network into multiple virtual networks with VLAN technology, useful to manage diverse groups of users all making use of the same wireless public access network.

Guest Access

Gloriosa InfoTel?s Visitor Access / Guest Access Solution is dedicated to provide an all-in-one instant wireless access for all governmental and academic organizations, large corporations, factories, SME?s reception area, meeting room and other sociable events and such as press room, auditorium, exhibitions, retreat centres and office space. The solution provides a secure, fast, easy and a validated visitor/guest internet access online management service, aiding to enhance professionalism and industrial image for your company.

Gloriosa InfoTel?s Visitor Access Solution Advantages:

* Affordable all-in-one solution package for easy setup and deployment
* Customizable visitor / guest login portal to fit the style and look of your organization
* Zero configuration required for visitor / guest makes IT staff relief
* Programmable profile to customize different internet service plans
* Role-based and Policy-based control enhances the protection against malicious users
* Session expiration control for visitor / guest users by time basis
* Configurable packet inspection firewall to enhance network security
* A traceable record of guest traffic for auditing
* Thermal ticket printing, easy to insert and replace

Visitor Access Gateway + Visitor Account Ticket Generator


- Supports 802.11n
- Transmission rate up to 300 Mbps
- Instant Account and Ticket Generation
- Supports broadband deployment options (T1, DSL, Cable)
- Prevents unauthorized access to intranet (Public/Private) zones IP Sharing

Remote WLAN Management

By combining Gloriosa InfoTel Secure WLAN Controller with Gloriosa InfoTel Tunnel-Based Manageable Access Points, Gloriosa InfoTel offers a central management solution by managing hundreds of remote WLANs for all chain-store corporations or enterprises with numerous small offices scattered throughout the nation.

This solution allows the existence of a central point of corporate network administration, company?s policy enforcement, network access control and traffic monitoring from all tunnelling wireless access points. It is also a smart way to share central office?s resources in a more efficient and secure way regardless of where, when and what. Gloriosa InfoTel?s Controller can manage up to 450 Managed Access Points via a single, integrated platform when these access points deployed next door or beyond national boundaries.

Gloriosa InfoTel Remote WLAN Management Capabilities & Advantages

Central Network and Policy Management
Allow corporation/enterprise?s multiple remote small offices? WLAN connecting with head quarter?s network as its subnets via internet.

The Most Cost-effective Enterprise VPN
Every tunnelled-link between central site controller and remote office managed AP through internet, creates a secure communication environment like implementing cloud-computing in the least cost.

Flexible and Scalable Network Design
The RB750 can manage a wide range of Gloriosa InfoTel access points according to the business type and size. Its built-in Service Zone functionality gives the flexibility of executing company?s policy according to staff?s job role and location he/she accesses.

Special Features

AP Management over Layer 2/layer 3 Network
Large-scale distributed AP deployment through AP auto-discovery over layer 2 and tunnelling over layer 3 of up to 450 access points (sites) via a single, integrated platform.

Central AAA & A authentication, authorization, accounting and administration
Users are authenticated before accessing corporate network or internet; company can apply certain privileges and rules based on job roles in the company. Users are freely to roam for accessing services among sites.


Wireless Backhaul Solution

As the expenses and difficulties of running fiber-optics or copper wires continue to grow expectantly, Gloriosa InfoTel wireless backhaul solution has become a major substitute due to its affordability and the beauty of its fast and easy deployment.
Gloriosa InfoTel wireless backhaul technology is the perfect solution to catch up with the exponential growth of internet broadband access requirements. It carries data across from node to node in high speed with QoS, enhanced security and features a complete network management support.

By adapting Gloriosa InfoTel?s wireless backhaul technology into today?s outdoor environment, a major network such as the wireless backbone of a WISP, the propriety network for a large business, academic institution or government agency. This is also being referred as transporting data to the network backbone.

Gloriosa InfoTel Wireless Backhaul Applications & Benefits

Building-to-Building Connection Connect networks between buildings in one area or across long distances without wires
WISPs Wireless Backhaul Carry high-speed bandwidth from node to node with QoS and security across long distance
Security and Traffic Surveillance Backhaul Provide the high throughput needed for video applications without wires
Extended Last-Mile Connection Extend broadband links to business and residential subscribers premise


The Fastest ROI of WISP Investment for the Least Cost per Link per Node of High Speed Wireless Backhaul.
Rapid Deployment and Service Provisioning for Commercial-ready Operation.
Rich Operation Mode Selection (AP, Bridge, Gateway, Mesh) .
Flexible Configuration for Supporting Variant Network Topology Design of Wireless Backhauls (P2P/ P2MP).
Manageable Outdoor Access Point for Remote Configuration and Maintenance.